Sword Case Wall-Mountable (12″x42″)

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Product Description

The Sword Case is the ideal shadow box display for your military or civilian saber. This display case features an acrylic front panel which presents a clear display while maintaining the internal components by keeping dust and other harmful particles out of the case. The display case sits at 12″ tall and 42″ wide. Two mounts sit in the middle of the sword case which enables a two level display. The top level mount is displaying the saber, blade or sword. Additionally, the bottom mount is exhibiting the scabbard, case or holster.

This high quality sword case display features a strong backboard that can be easily wall mountable. The backer features pre-drilled holes used for the mounts to hold the sword and scabbard in place. Additionally, customers can add more badges, patches and pins to this display case by creating more mounting holes in the display backer. In conclusion, this display case is 100% made in the USA and is the ideal display case.

The sword in picture: (***Not Included***)

Featured in the picture above is a WKC Marine NCO Sword. These swords feature a dull sided blade commonly used in ceremonies, drills, and displays. What makes these swords special is that the manufacturing process is utilizing the highest military specifications while crafting and polishing them by hand in Solingen, Germany. Above all, this unique saber consist of a long carbon steel tube scabbard with black leather covering. The scabbard also features a 24-carat gold-plated guard top and bottom mounting.

***Item does not include sword or saber or scabbard. These items must be purchased separately. ***

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Available Wood Finish

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 12″ X 42″

Officially Licensed to Serve

More military branding coming soon.

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