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Product Description

DIY Flag Display

The DIY Flag Display Case enables an individual the opportunity to build an oak hardwood display for a respected veteran family member, comrade or friend. This Do-It-Yourself kit comes complete with step by step instructions for an easy to follow assembly process. This is a great project for any skill level. Furthermore, the display is specifically designed for a 5’x9.5′ flag (*flag not included). In conclusion, the flag display can be donated or gifted to a military veteran in your family or at a local veterans home. Please feel free to ask any questions by contacting us.

Materials Needed:

  • Hammer
  • Wood Glue
  • Long Pin Punch
  • Sand paper (120 grit)
  • Scissors
  • Small drill saw driver
  • Stain or sealer

Materials Included:

  • Wood frame side (3)
  • Pre-cut Plexi Glass
  • Plastic Dovetail pegs (6)
  • Plastic Retainer
  • Backer
  • Glass Clips


1)        Place glue on 45 (degree) joint top of wooden case (fig.3). Try to keep glue on outside of the dovetail slot to prevent glue from getting to the inside of the frame (fig.4). Place top wooden pieces together. Put dovetail peg (square side is top) in slot and drive to bottom using the punch to prevent damaging the wood with the hammer. Place second peg and drive ¼“ down so it is flush with the rabbit (fig.5).

2)        Glue both sides of the bottom piece with frame upside down (fig.6). Place peg in router slot and drive to bottom with punch. After that, repeat on the other side then put a peg in each side drive in ¼” down with punch so it is flush with rabbit.

3)        You should have a triangle case framed which will need sanding throughout.

4)        Lightly sand all three corners with sand paper and a sanding block.  Clean up rough edges of the corners.

5)        At this point you will need to finish the frame. You can apply stain or a clear finish; that is your choice.

6)        Once the finish is dry you will need to put the glass in. Place frame upside-down. Peel glass protection film off plexi and place in frame.

7)        Cut retainer with scissors for three sides of frame (2 pcs 14 ¾”, 1 pc 21 ¾”). Place glass retainer on glass and push in into groove do all three sides (fig.7).

8)        Lay the backer in the rabbit of the frame (fig.8).

9)        Install the glass clips in predrilled holes (fig.9) and you are complete.

What is DIY?

DIY Flag Display

Product Specifications

Size: 22″x27″x4″

Weight: 6lbs

Species: Oak

Officially Licensed to Serve

More military branding coming soon.

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