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10 Reasons to Shop Made in USA Products

Below are 10 reasons to shop made in USA products. Where your products come from has many indirect impacts on your life and those around you. Many people don’t think about the implications of shopping ‘Made in China’ vs. Made in USA’. The only thing that comes to mind is the price point. Below we have outlined 10 reasons to shop made in USA products.

1. Support American Jobs 

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When purchasing a product that is ‘Made in USA’ you are directly helping support American job opportunities and the US economy. Creating a demand for American made products helps businesses to continue to hire american workers. Therefore, your purchase decision on where your product is manufactured has an impact. Creating American jobs is dependent on the progress of our economy.


2. Quality

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According to a Consumer Reports survey, 80% of people said that they’d rather buy goods made on American soil. There is a general perception that products made in the USA are of a higher quality than their over-seas counterparts. Distributors and manufacturers rely on plastic, lightweight material for ease of shipping across the globe. Therefore, the end result is a lower quality product. When buying a ‘Made in USA’ product you can expect to have an end item that is of high quality and made with craftsmanship.


3. Keeping Working Trades Alive

Working Trade

Buying American made products can help keep the working trades stay alive. Working trades is what built this country. By re-investing in our education system and training systems we can allow for working trades to continue their hard work on developing projects and products in the United States.  Keep working trades alive by purchasing American made products.


4. Ethical Practices


This country has some of the best ethical practices in the world.  All business owners in this country strive to operate ethical businesses. This is partially due to the law both state and federal that protect the working people of this country. Such laws and acts include; the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Labor (DOL). There are even federal agencies in charge of holding companies accountable for their safety practices, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


5. Labor Laws 

Labor Laws

Buying a made in USA product will give you reassurance that the end product was developed within the Federal Labor Laws establish in this country.  Labor laws safeguard employees’ rights and enables employers to have clarity on their responsibilities and obligations.


6. Working Conditions

Working Conditions

Working conditions refers to the environment in which the employee is subject to in order to fulfill their job position. Some aspects of working conditions include job hours, physical requirements, legal rights and overall responsibilities. Buying a made in USA product means that all working conditions have been met. Other countries take advantage of surplus workers and take advantage of the working class’ misfortune. Placing workers in working conditions that would be considered hazardous. This is why you should always buy ‘Made in USA’ products.


7. Environment


The United States has put forth many environmentally friendly incentives for businesses. The United States formed the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970. The EPA ensures that Americans have clean air, land and water.  This agency is responsible for setting, enforcing and regulating rules that help protect our environment and natural resources. This is an important agency when thinking about what kind of future you want for your children. Purchasing products from companies that make an effort to better sustain our environmental future and impact is a purchase decision that needs to be considered.


8. Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

When purchasing an item that is made over-seas you are indirectly adding to your carbon footprint. The product that you order needs to travel either by boat or airplane to make it to your front door. Therefore, whenever you buy something that is not made in the USA you are adding carbon emissions to the atmosphere and thus increasing your carbon footprint. If you truly care about our environment then you would make the environmentally friendly purchase decision by buying ‘Made in the USA’ products.


9. American Pride

American Pride

Buying a product that has the label, ‘Made in USA’ means you are buying a high quality product that was made right here in your home country. Take pride in knowing another American used their skilled, time and energy to create a product that means so much. As a military branded company, we take pride in our products.


10. Strengthen the US Economy

US Economy

We value the american dollar and want the dollar to keep it’s global value. Keep the dollar value strong by re-investing in American jobs and products.



In conclusion, there are many aspects of the purchase decision-making process to consider when deciding between American made vs Over-seas. We hope the above 10 reasons to shop made in USA products is enough to re-consider your purchase decision and make the choice that best suites your needs.

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